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Below is a listing of our cylinder music boxes. Click an image/caption for more information about that item.

Uncategorized Music Boxes

13 Cylinder music box with 6 Bells in walnut inlaid and banded case

6 Cylinder music box with bells and dancing dolls.

Alexandra Music Boxes

Alexandra Interchangeable Cylinder Box

B B & C Music Boxes

B B & Cie, Behrens, Blumberg, & Cie. Keywind Cylinder Music Box

BB&C 6 Air 13.5" Keywind Music Box

Bornand Freres Music Boxes

Carousel Music Box with Automata

Climax Music Boxes

Climax Cylinder Box with 3 Cylinders

DuCommun Girod Music Boxes

Early DuCommun Girod 4 Air Keywind Music Box

George Baker Music Boxes

George Baker 11" Mandoline Swiss Music Box

Baker - Troll 10 Bell Interchangeable Cylinder Music Box on Table with 6 Cylinders

Henriot Music Boxes

Henriot 11" 8 Air Keywind Cylinder Box

Keywind Music Boxes

Keywind 2 Per Turn Fat Cylinder Box

Langdorff Music Boxes

13" Langdorff Keywind Piano Forte Cylinder Music Box

Mermod Freres Music Boxes

Mermod Freres Ideal Soprano Music Box

Mermod Freres Ideal Soprano - Oak

Mermod Freres Ideal Quatour Soprano with 8 -20" Fat Cylinders and Carved Base Cabinet

Nicole Freres Music Boxes

Nicole Freres 13" 8 tune keywind cylinder box

Nicole Freres 11" Keywind 6 Air music box

Nicole Freres 10.5" Keywind Cylinder Music Box

11" Nicole Freres 6 Air Keywind Cylinder music Box

Paillard Music Boxes

Duplex Cylinder Railroad Station Box

Paillard Columbia 8 Air Cylinder Music Box

Paillard 6 Tune Music Box with Bells

P.V.F. Interchangeable with 3 Cylinders

Paillard Sublime Harmonie Interchangeable Cylinder music box

13" Paillard "Expressive" Interchangeable Cylinder music box on Matching Table with 3 Eight Tune Cylinders

11" Mandolin Expression & Zither Swiss Music Box

17.5" Paillard Sublime Harmonie Piccolo Interchangeable Music Box with 3 Cylinders

Revolver Music Boxes

Revolver Box in glass front coin op case

Rivenc Music Boxes

Rivenc 13" 10 Air Lever Wind Cylinder Music Box

Thibouville - L'Epee Music Boxes

Thibouville - L'Epee 8 tune cylinder box