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Music Boxes for Sale
November 21, 2018

Item number: 224 15.5" Regina Music Box Automatic Disc Changer
This is a mahogany Parlor Model Regina changer that saw very little use during the 110 years since leaving the Regina Music Box Co. factory in Rahway, NJ, circa 1902. Some of the features of this instrument are a piano sound board, double music combs, tempo control, Banjo attachment, and carrier guides for reliable disc changing. Combs are like new and play with a deep resonant tone. With 12 tune discs. Measures 68" x 28" x 24"
Price: $17,500.00

Item number: 233 Baker - Troll 10 Bell Interchangeable Cylinder Music Box on Table with 6 Cylinders
This very RARE and desirable interchangeable cylinder music box was made in Geneva, Switzerland, Circa 1890. An unusual feature of this music box was the addition of 10 tuned saucer bells to accompany the 3 music comb arrangement in Sublime Harmonie Piccolo format. Case and table are original and inlaid with Rosewood, Walnut burl, Birds eye maple, brass, mother of pearl and abalone. The 6 original 6 tune cylinders measure 16.5" long by 2 3/4" in diameter. Dimensions of case: 41"x 17" x 14" Dimensions of table: 52" x 27" x 30".
Price: $14,500.00

Item number: 168 Reginaphone 240 Columbia Grafonola Deluxe
This model was built by the Regina Music Box Company for sale through the Columbia Phonograph Company's dealer network. First marketed around 1912 and advertised as a phonograph with a Regina music box attachment with a retail price of $225.00. The instrument has been fully restored and refinished to factory new condition, and plays with a rich and resonant tone. Furnished with 10 steel Regina music box discs, a supply of 78 RPM phonograph records and needles. 24" x 22" x 51"
Price: $9,500.00

Item number: 231 15.5" Regina Serpentine Style 50 Disc Music Box with Cabinet
This Serpentine Regina has all the most wanted features of the Regina table model music boxes that were made by the Regina Music Box Co. in Rahway, NJ, Circa 1906. Features include short bed plate for improved volume, Duplex music combs (152 music teeth) that sound 2 teeth for each note on the disc, a Tempo control to adjust the speed of play, and a spruce sound board for a full, resonant tone. Supplied with an original Regina disc storage cabinet in mahogany. Restored and refinished. With 10 music discs.
Price: $5,950.00

Item number: 147 15.5" Regina Music Box Serpentine Style 50
The serpentine Style 50 with short bedplate, duplex music combs and a spruce piano-style sound board was one of the best sounding Regina models made. This instrument has been restored and refinished. The flame mahogany case is approximately 23" x 21" x 12". 10 bright and clean tune discs included.
Price: $5,495.00

Item number: 169 Regina Music Box in Serpentine Case
The Regina Serpentine Style 50 music box was a post 1900 refinement of the popular Style 11 table model disc music box. This example has been restored and refinished to like new condition. The appearance and performance are spectacular. Mechanisms feature the short bedplate double comb music works and the tempo control long running Style 50 spring motor. With 10 music discs. 23" x 21" x 12"
Price: $5,495.00

Item number: 139 15.5" REGINA MUSIC BOX
This style 11 was one of the Regina Music Box Company's most popular instruments, and was produced at the turn of the 20th century. Has double music combs in perfect condition. Original mahogany case finish and mechanisms are restored to like new condition. Apparance and tone are superb. With 10 original tune discs. Dimensions: 23" X 21" X 12".
Price: $4,500.00

Item number: 182 15.5" Regina Style 11 Music Box in mahogany
The Style 11 was one of the Regina Music Box Company's most popular instruments produced at the end of the 19th century. Case has been refinished and mechanisms have been restored to like new condition. Appearance and tone are superb. With 10 original tune discs. Dimensions: 23" X 21" X 12".
Price: $4,495.00

Item number: 104 Regina Music Box Disc Cabinet
The disc storage cabinet we are offering for sale is an original unit that we have restored and refinished to like new condition. This mahogany cabinet will hold approximately 100 - 15.5" Regina (or similar size) music discs. Measures 24" wide by 22" deep by 34.5" high. Has original lock with key.
Price: $1,950.00

Item number: 232 15.5" Regina, Criterion, Olympia,Polyphon, Symphonion Disc Storage Base Cabinet
This is one of the finest mahogany 15.5" ORIGINAL (not reproduction) disc storage cabinets we have been able to offer for sale for many years. It was likely built by the Regina Music Box Co., circa 1900. It has been fully restored and refinished to a factory original red mahogany color. Measures 23" x 24" x 34"
Price: $1,950.00

Item number: 212 15.5" Regina Music Box Oak Disc Storage Cabinet
This disc storage cabinet is a hard to find item as it appears in oak very infrequently. The example we have in stock has been refinished to an original style golden oak color. The dimensions are 23" wide by 21" deep by 34" high.
Price: $1,750.00

Item number: 216 15.5" Regina, Criterion, Olympia, Polyphon, Symphonion, Mahogany Disc Storage Cabinet
The original dark red mahogany finish on this nicely decorated cabinet has been cleaned and restored. Has all of its dividers to sort and store over 100 music discs. 24" x 22" x 34" high.
Price: $1,500.00

Item number: 213 15.5" Regina Disc Storage Cabinet in Mahogany
This cabinet is in its original dark reddish brown finish. The base wood appears to be poplar or perhaps birch that was originally colored to resemble mahogany. Measures 23" by 21" by 34". Discs are not included.
Price: $1,250.00

Item number: 95 REGINA CORONA etched glass
Reproduction Regina Corona etched glass for the 27" automatic disc changer lower cabinet front panel. Detailed just like the original. Call or write for packing and shipping cost.
Price: $595.00

Item number: 108 Custom Made Music Box Crank Handle
We have machine shop facilities to make a crank handle to fit your antique music box. We will need exact measurements of your requirements or the music box to custom fit the new crank handle. Price quoted is approximate - actual cost will be quoted prior to production.
Price: $200.00

Item number: 76 Regina Music Box Large Queen of Music Print
Top quality large 32" x 20" print on heavy antique style paper. This litho will correctly fit 15.5", 20.75" and 27" Regina changers and many other models (i.e. 15.5" carved case Rococo). plus pack and ship fee-inquire
Price: $95.00

Item number: 149 24.5" Polyphon Mikado - Style 54
The Style 54 Mikado was Polyphon's largest and most ornate upright glass front disc music box. The Mikado uses a large, long running spring motor that is coin-operated, a large English Penny works perfectly, to play 10-20 revolutions of the disc between windings. The music is produced by a double comb melody section and double comb piccolo section mounted on a short bedplate directly attached to the massive sound board. The sound performance is loud, rich and resonant. The walnut cabinet is in its original finish and shows some nicks and bumps from its earlier days of commercial use, and still has its operator's nameplate mounted above the glass door. Case separates into 2 sections for easy shipping. Dimensions - 89" x 33" x 21" With 10 clean original discs.
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Item number: 234 Charles Bruguier Singing Bird Box
Charles Bruguier singing bird box. Made in Geneva, Switzerland, circa 1835. Has original transit case and winding key. Looks and plays as original after nearly 200 years!
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