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Below is a listing of our disc music boxes. Click an image/caption for more information about that item.

Adler Music Boxes

11" Adler disc music box

Empress Music Boxes

18.5" Empress - Mira Music Box

18.5" Duo-Empress Music Box & Phonograph

18.5" Duo-Empress (Miraphone) Concert Grand Music Box & Phonograph

18.5" Empress - Mira Concert Grand Disc Music Box

Kalliope Music Boxes

Kalliope 10 bell disc music box

Kalliope 9.25" 6 bell disc music box

21" Kalliope with 12 Bells

Lochmann Music Boxes

15.5" Lochmann Original Disc Music Box

Mira Music Boxes

15.5" Mira music box

12" Mira Disc Music Box

18.5" Mira (Empress) Concert Grand Music Box in Console Model Decal Decorated Mahogany Case.


New Century Music Boxes

18.5" New Century Disc Shifter Music Box

18.5" New Century Four Comb Music Box

Olympia Music Boxes

15.75" Olympia Music Box in Carved Case

15.75" Olympia Music Box

Polyphon Music Boxes

15.5 Polyphon Upright Double Comb

15.5" Polyphon music box with 12 bells.

15.5" Polyphon Music Box in Carved Walnut Case

19 5/8" Polyphon Upright Disc Music Box on Matching Disc Storage Bin

8.5" Polyphon Disc Music Box

24.5" Polyphon Mikado - Style 54

14.5" Polyphon 12 Bell

11" Polyphon Double Comb Music Box in Serpentine Case

22 1/8" Polyphon with 16 saucer bells

19 5/8" Polyphon Mahogany Table Model

22 1/8" Polyphon Music Box with 16 Bells

Regina Music Boxes

12.25" Regina Music Box - Double Comb

Regina Music Box in Serpentine Case

11" Regina Music Box in Mahogany

11" Regina Rococo Music Box

8.5" Regina in Oak cabinet

15.5" Regina Music Box in Mahogany

20.75 Regina folding top music box

15.5" Regina Serpentine Style 50 Music Box

15.5" Regina Music Box Style 9 Rococo

15.5" Regina Style 11 Music Box

15.5" Regina Style 11 Music Box in mahogany

11" Regina "Rococo" music box in carved oak case

8.5" Regina music box in Mahogany Case

15.5" Regina Reginaphone Style 250 Music Box

15.5" Regina Music Box in pinstriped mahogany case

20.75" Regina Automatic Disc Changer Music Box

15.5" Regina Rookwood Library Table music box in Mahogany Hand Painted Case.

27" Regina Folding Top Music Box on Disc Storage Cabinet

15.5" Regina Serpentine Style 50 Music Box in Mahogany

15.5" Regina Music Box Automatic Disc Changer

15.5" Regina in Carved Oak Case


20 ¾” Reginaphone musical desk in quarter sawed oak.

15.5" Regina Style 10 in Carved Case

15.5 Regina Oak Double Comb

27" Regina Dragon Front Automatic Changer

15.5" Regina St. 35 automatic disc changer

15.5" Regina Changer Hall Clock

8.5" Regina in golden oak case

11 Regina Rococo

11" Regina oak table model

11" Regina Rococo

15.5" Reginaphone Serpentine with Disc Cabinet

15.5" Regina Serpentine Style 50 Disc Music Box with Cabinet

11” Regina double comb in the scarce 17a glass front upright counter top mahogany case.

15.5” Reginaphone style 143 console model in mahogany with nickel plated outside horn 78 RPM phonograph system.

27” Regina Automatic Disc Changer Music Box

12 ¼” Regina Style 16 with duplex combs on a long bedplate.

11" Regina single comb in mahogany

11" Regina single comb table model in black Japan case with red interior.

15 ½" Regina Style 11 in late model pinstriped mahogany case with columns at all corners and domed top with molding decoration.


27" Regina Orchestral Glass Front Upright

12.25" Regina Coin-Operated Upright Style 17a

15.5" Regina Music Box Serpentine Style 50

15 1/2" Regina Music Box

15.5" Regina Serpentine Music Box

15.5" Regina Single Comb

12.25" Regina Music Box

15.5" Regina Music Box - Style 1 Upright

Regina (Princess) 15.5 Double Comb Music Box


15.5" Regina Duplex in Fancy Mahogany Case

15.5" Regina Reginaphone Music Box Phonograph

Reginaphone-Columbia Music Boxes

15.5" Reginaphone 240 Console Model Combination Music Box and Phonograph

Reginaphone 240-Columbia Grafonola Deluxe

Reginaphone 240 Columbia Grafonola Deluxe

Stella Music Boxes

15.5" Stella Music Box Double Comb

17.25" Stella Disc Music Box

Symphonion Music Boxes

10.5" Symphonion in Mahogany

12" Symphonion Carved Walnut Rococo Case

13.5" Symphonion Duplex

21.25" Symphonion Upright Music Box with Bells

13 5/8" Symphonion Music Box in Walnut Case

27.5" Imperial Symphonion With 12 Bells