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This page lists several resources for collecting, buying, selling and appraising music boxes.

Mechanical Music Box Societies:

Amica AMICA (Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Association) is an educational non-profit organization with worldwide membership, dedicated to the preservation, restoration and appreciation of historic automatic musical instruments.
MBSI The Musical Box Society International is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enjoyment, study and preservation of automatic musical instruments
MBSI Great Britain Formed in 1962, the Musical Box Society of Great Britain today has an international membership ranging from the USA through Switzerland (the accredited birthplace of the cylinder musical box) to Asia and Australia. The aim of the Society is to further an interest in and an appreciation of all forms of mechanical music.
Links to other vendors:
Collector's World West Collector's World-West specializes in antique mechanical musical instruments. They been involved in buying, selling, and restoring antique music boxes and phonographs for many years. They specialize in antique phonographs and music boxes, stocking a constantly-changing variety of quality antique musical machines, including:

* Edison Phonographs * Victor Talking Machines and Victrolas * Columbia Graphophones * Disk and Cylinder Music Boxes * Nickelodeons, Orchestrions, and Reproducing Pianos

Maddie's Music Boxes Maddie's Music Boxes sells disc and cylinder music boxes, organs and orchestrions.
Musical Treasures of Miami Musical Treasures of Miami sells antique music boxes.