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Listing for Mermod Freres Ideal Quatour Soprano with 8 -20" Fat Cylinders and Carved Base Cabinet

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Ideal QuatourSoprano Ideal Quatour Soprano on Chest Quatour Soprano Mechanism Quatour Soprano Tune Cards

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The Quatour Soprano series of interchangeable cylinder music box was first produced by the Mermod Freres of Ste. Croix, Switzerland, during the early 1890s. The catalog price for this instrument in quarter sawed oak, as our example illustrated here, was $787.50, a sum greater than the average worker of the time would earn in 3 years. This instrument and cabinet are in like-new condition and the music is rich and resonant, with each melody playing for almost 2 minutes to complete one revolution of the 3.5" diameter cylinder. The 8 cylinders store in the drawer below the music box and in the 6 drawers located behind carved doors (Pan the God of Music). The golden oak finish is original and in like-new condition. The music works and cylinders have been cleaned and polished and look and play like new. Dimensions: Music Box - 41" x 17" x 14" Chest - 44" x 20" x 34" The Programme has a superb balance of popular, classical and dance melodies (one cylinder plays 6 Strauss waltzes in 6 revolutions).
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