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Listing for Reginaphone 240-Columbia Grafonola Deluxe

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Reginaphone 240 - Columbia Graphonola Deluxe Regph-Col Gr Del. Interior Col Gr. Deluxe-Left Reginaphone 240-Col Gr Del Mech

Full Description

Known to collectors as the "Lion's Head" Reginaphone, this example was built by Regina but marketed by Columbia as a phonograph with a music box attachment. This same style case was also used to house a phonograph only version which was offered by Columbia as a lower cost alternative. This instrument retains its dark red mahogany color and mechnisms are clean and original. Tone is loud, rich and resonant. Supplied with 12 Regina music discs and 78RPM phonograph records. Dimensions: 24"x22"x50"
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