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Listing for 15.5" Regina Serpentine Style 50 Disc Music Box with Cabinet

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15.5" Regina Serpentine Style 50 - open 15.5" Regina Style 50 Music Box with Disc Cabinet 15.5" Regina Music Box - Style 50 Serpentine

Full Description

This Serpentine Regina has all the most wanted features of the Regina table model music boxes that were made by the Regina Music Box Co. in Rahway, NJ, Circa 1906. Features include short bed plate for improved volume, Duplex music combs (152 music teeth) that sound 2 teeth for each note on the disc, a Tempo control to adjust the speed of play, and a spruce sound board for a full, resonant tone. Supplied with an original Regina disc storage cabinet in mahogany. Restored and refinished. With 10 music discs.

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