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Cylinder music boxes

Mermod Freres Ideal Soprano 15" Interchangeable Cylinder Box
(from Mermod Freres Ideal Soprano Music Box)

PVF Intch. Cyl Bx Video
(from P.V.F. Interchangeable with 3 Cylinders)

Rivenc 10 tune video
(from Rivenc 13" 10 Air Lever Wind Cylinder Music Box)

11 Nicole Video
(from Nicole Freres 11" Keywind 6 Air music box)

13 Nicole Video
(from Nicole Freres 13" 8 tune keywind cylinder box)

13 Paillard I.C. Music box on Table
(from 13" Paillard "Expressive" Interchangeable Cylinder music box on Matching Table with 3 Eight Tune Cylinders)

18 Paillard IC Video
(from 17.5" Paillard Sublime Harmonie Piccolo Interchangeable Music Box with 3 Cylinders)

Carousel Music Box with Automata
(from Carousel Music Box with Automata)

Duplex Cylinder Railroad Station Box
(from Duplex Cylinder Railroad Station Box)

Nicole Grand Format Piano Forte Overture
(from Nicole Freres Grand Format Piano Forte Overture Cylinder Music Box)

Disc music boxes

11 Regina Tyrolean Song Video
(from 11" Regina Rococo Music Box)

12.25 Regina Washington Post Video
(from 12.25" Regina Music Box - Double Comb)

8.5 Regina Sidewlks of NY video
(from 8.5" Regina in Oak cabinet)

Olympia Music Box Video
(from 15.75" Olympia Music Box in Carved Case)

15.5 Regina Stt.36 Video
(from 15.5" Regina Coin Operated Automatic Disc Changer)

15 Polyphon 12 Bell Video
(from 15.5" Polyphon music box with 12 bells.)

15.5 Regina Pinstripe 11 Video
(from 15.5" Regina Music Box in pinstriped mahogany case)

18 New Century 4 comb video
(from 18.5" New Century Four Comb Music Box)

20 Regina changer video
(from 20.75" Regina Automatic Disc Changer Music Box)

18 Mira Music Box Video
(from 18.5" Mira (Empress) Concert Grand Music Box in Console Model Decal Decorated Mahogany Case.)

15.5 Regina Rookwood Library Table Music Box
(from 15.5" Regina Rookwood Library Table music box in Mahogany Hand Painted Case.)

27 Regina Tannhauser Video
(from Regina 27" Automatic Disc Changer Music Box)

15.5 Regina-Gartenlaube
(from 15.5" Regina Music Box in Mahogany)

27 Regina Upright Music Box Video
(from 27" Orchestral Regina Style 5 Coin-Op Music Box)

18.5 New Century Video
(from 18.5" New Century Disc Shifter Music Box)

22 Polyphon Music Box with Bells Video
(from 22 1/8" Polyphon Music Box with 16 Bells)

11 Polyphon Music Box Video
(from 11" Polyphon Double Comb Music Box in Serpentine Case)

27 Regina Table Model Video
(from 27" Regina Folding Top Music Box on Disc Storage Cabinet)

18.5 Duo Empress video
(from 18.5" Duo-Empress (Miraphone) Concert Grand Music Box & Phonograph )

20 Polyphon Music Box Video
(from 19 5/8" Polyphon Upright Disc Music Box on Matching Disc Storage Bin)

Video of 17 Stella
(from 17.25" Stella Disc Music Box)

15 Regina Changer Video
(from 15.5" Regina Music Box Automatic Disc Changer )

18 Mira Decal Dec Video

15 Regina Serpentine Video

Video of Empress-Mira Concert Grand
(from 18.5" Empress - Mira Music Box)

8.5 Polyphon Video
(from 8.5" Polyphon Disc Music Box)

Video of Empress-Mira Concert Grand
(from 18.5" Empress - Mira Concert Grand Disc Music Box)

15 Polyphon Video
(from 15.5 Polyphon Upright Double Comb)

Video of Polyphon Mahogany table model
(from 19 5/8" Polyphon Mahogany Table Model)

15½" Reginaphone Style 143 console model in mahogany
(from 15.5" Reginaphone Style 240)

Video of Regina in Rococo case
(from 11 Regina Rococo)

22 Polyphon Video
(from 22 1/8" Polyphon with 16 saucer bells)

Video of Imperial Symphonion duplex comb
(from 14.75 Imperial Symphonion - Duplex Comb)

Video of Polyphon playing
(from 14.5" Polyphon 12 Bell)

Video of Polyphone mechanism
(from 14.5" Polyphon 12 Bell)

View of clock while playing
(from 15.5" Regina Changer Hall Clock)

Video of hall clock, focusing on the mechanism
(from 15.5" Regina Changer Hall Clock)

Video of Regina Serpentine Style 50
(from 15.5" Regina Serpentine Style 50)

15.5 Regina Rococo - Bride Elect March
(from 15.5" Regina Music Box Style 9 Rococo)

19.5 Euphonion video
(from 19 5/8 Euphonion (Polyphon) Upright with Disc Storage Bin)

15.75 Olympia Video
(from 15.75" Olympia Music Box)

Reginaphone musical desk video
(from 20 ¾” Reginaphone musical desk in quarter sawed oak.)

15.5" Regina Style 11 with drawer
(from 15.5" Regina Duplex in Fancy Mahogany Case)

Video of 18 Duo Empress - Miraphone
(from 18.5" Duo-Empress Music Box & Phonograph )

Video of Regina Serpentine Music Box
(from 15.5" Regina Serpentine Music Box)

15.5 Regina 11 Video
(from 15 1/2" Regina Music Box)

15.5 Regina Music Box Video RC 50
(from 15.5" Regina Music Box Serpentine Style 50)

24 Polyphon Mikado Video
(from 24.5" Polyphon Mikado - Style 54)

12 1/4 Regina 17a Video
(from 12.25" Regina Coin-Operated Upright Style 17a)

15½" Reginaphone Style 143 console model in mahogan
(from 15.5” Reginaphone style 143 console model in mahogany with nickel plated outside horn 78 RPM phonograph system.)

15.5 Reginaphone Faust Waltz video
(from 15.5" Regina Reginaphone Music Box Phonograph)

13 Symphonion 30st Video
(from 13 5/8" Symphonion Model 30 ST Musical Hall Clock)


Seeburg KT Special Video
(from Seeburg KT Special Replica)


Celestina Reed Organ
(from Celestina 20 Note Paper Roll Reed Organ)

Grand Roller Organ
(from Grand Cob Roller Organ)


Singing Bird Box Video
(from Antique Bontems Singing Bird Box in Tortoise Shell Case)