Music Box Videos

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Morning Papers Waltz
(from Regina 11 inch music box in gorgeous golden oak.)

Regina Duplex 15-1/2"
(from Regina Double Comb 15-1/2" Music Box)

Die Wacht Am Rhein
(from Regina 20-3/4" table model in stunning oak)

Espana Waltz
(from Regina Double Comb Music Box in Fancy Mahogany Case)

Wiener Blut Waltz
(from early production Regina mahogany duplex comb with disc drawer)

Coronation March from "The Prophet"
(from Regina serpentine case music box)

Regina Duplex 15-1/2"
(from Regina Style 11 Duplex Comb in Mahogany)

Regina Style 50
(from Regina Serpentine Style Music Box)

<BGSOUND src="mp3s/reg 50 rc.wmv">

Regina Serpentine Duplex 15-1/2"
(from Regina Serpentine Style 15-1/2" Disc Music Box in Mahogany with Original Banjo Attachment)

Il Trovatore
(from Early Keywind Cartel Cylinder Music Box by LeCoultre of Switzerland)

Mikado Style 54
(from Polyphon 24-1/2" Mikado)

Under the Double Eagle March
(from Polyphon 24-1/2" Mikado)

Il Trovatore - Gutta Percha snuff box
(from Four tune Swiss Gutta Percha Snuff Box)

Bird Box Video
(from German Singing Bird Music Box)