Phonograph Videos

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What a Blue-Eyed Baby You Are
(from 1920s Victrola table-top model with burl walnut accents)

Whispering - Fox Trot played by Paul Whiteman and his Ambassador Orchestra
(from Victor Monarch Special)

Columbia BI
(from Columbia BI "Sterling" phonograph with 9-panel nickel horn)

Pretty Dick Polka - Edison Military Band
(from stunning Edison Home Phonograph with 2/4 gearing and blue and gold striping decoration)

Columbia AB MacDonald - Standard and Grand Records
(from scarce Columbia AB "MacDonald" dual cylinder player)

Angel's Serenade
(from Edison Standard Phonograph from 1905)

The Synco Jazz Band
(from Rare Pathe disc phonograph with sapphire stylus)

From Maine to Oregon March
(from Edison Fireside Phonograph with Cygnet horn and 2/4 minute gearing)

When the Band Played Yankee Doodle
(from early Edison Standard Phonograph with banner decoration)

Dance of the Hours
(from mint condition Fireside phonograph)

VV-50 playing "Oh Baby" by the Ambassador Orchestra
(from Victor Victrola Portable)

HMV with Lumiere Pleated Diaphragm
(from HMV Portable Model with RARE Lumiere paper horn)

Victrola Orthophonic VV 8-35. Note the lid is closed to eliminate surface noise of the record, just as Victor intended.
(from Victor Victrola Orthophonic "Credenza" 8-35)

Victrola 111 playing a Ragtime tune. Please note the warble in the motor. It ought to be adjusted for steady sound reproduction.
(from Victrola in brown mahogany with gold hardware)

Meadowbrook Fox Trot
(from Amberola 50 in mahogany)

Blue and Gold Waltz
(from Edison Home Phonograph with Diamond reproducer and Cygnet horn)