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is to provide an item that meets your satisfaction. Everything we sell is guaranteed to be as described, and to satisfy, or your money back.

What we provide

is not comparable to any auction site or antiques mall. We assure that all the machines we sell are in top operating condition, unless specifically noted, and every music machine we sell is provided with MUSIC TO PLAY, whether cylinder or flat records or metal disks for music boxes. You won't have that unpleasant experience of having to go out looking for music for your new instrument! We clean, lubricate, and adjust every machine SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Following a purchase, you are welcomed to contact us any time for customer service and we will do our best to help you out.

The value

in buying from us is that we will meet your satisfaction. Not an issue of "as-is-where-is" or "what-you-see-is-what-you-get". Our music machines are priced based on market value, not on the astronomical values listed by some antiques guide books or auction results. If we are able to obtain an item below market value, we are happy to pass along the savings to you. And above all, everything works, to provide entertainment immediately and for many years. †

Feedback from some of our customers

August, 2007, from the East Coast, US:

","My regina came late today. I love it. The sound is amazing. Thank you so much. Charlotte PS All the extra care you take in boxing up the music box, I do believe you could drop it off a building and it would remain intact.

December, 2005, from Colorado:

"the [Edison] Home came today. It looks great! The upper assembly moved a little in the shipping but fortunately there was bubble wrapping between it and the lid. Thanks again for finding it. I really like it!"

December, 2005, from Irvine, California:

"The phonograph arrived today. Looks and works beautifully! Thanks again,"

November, 2005, from California:

"Thank you so much! I just received the Victrola today! It's gorgeous and sounds great! He's going to love it!"

November, 2005, from Colorado:

"I received the Victrola VV-IV and it is a beauty! My wife calls it the prettiest phonograph I've ever gotten. It now occupies a place of honor in the living room, records nearby, ready to play music! Thank you for your patience and the wonderful deal you gave me on this. I really appreciate it.

November, 2005, from California:

"Hello. So happy here. The Victor is together and in the house. Arrived right when the tracking said it would, and wrapped to perfection. Thanks for the bonus book and poster. What a great surprise. Will send you a photo soon by E-mail of what they look like in the house."

November, 2005, from a collector in California:

"I received the Regina on thursday. Everything is great thank-you! "

November, 2005, from Southern California:

"The Monarch arrived today, this evening in fact, and in perfect condition. Thank you so much. The records and needles are a real bonus. The packing was great. Thank you so much. "

November, 2005, from Indiana:

"I have since unwrapped the [phonograph] and it arrived in good condition. One of the legs is split at the top but that looks like old damage. I am extremely happy with the condition of the machine and finish. The top has a few places but overall it is just wonderful. I'm glad you didn't 'clean' it. I have been busy cleaning every inch and getting to know the machine...you know how collectors are. I am so happy to get this after looking for so long.....and waiting so long to get it delivered. Thanks also for an excellent packing job....it looks like something I would have done myself and went a long way toward protecting it on it's way here "

October, 2005, from a collector in Michigan:

"The victor monarch arrived thursday and is exceptional! It was very well packed and a delight to open. Every piece and part was well protected and arrived in good condition. I have enjoyed playing the records you sent--fox trots are my favorite! ... I am looking forward to purchasing my next phonograph from you! "

October, 2005, from Virginia:

"I purchased your Columbia ... several months ago ... I'm real happy with it, and it displayed proudly in my collection. "

October, 2005, from Kentucky:

"The Triumph arrived yesterday, safe and sound. Thanks for a really nice packing job and for all the nice extras! ... All-in-all, I'm quite pleased with this Triumph. She really cleaned up nice and I've got my original cygnet crane and back bracket ready to be mounted when I get the #11 cygnet horn repro from Dwayne Wyatt. Thanks again for all you help and for making these wonderful machines available"

September, 2005, from Pennsylvania:

"I recieved the ponograph [sic], it is beautiful! Thank you for being such a professional. I look forward to doing business again! "

September, 2005, from a California email comment:

"i am very interested in buying this wooden portable. i boughht a great 'looking" portable on ebay awhile ago, and it doesn't have enough strength in the spring to keep it going for a whole song. suffice to say, i was VERY upset ... yours looks beautiful, i just don't want to get stuck with a bad one again. thanks,"

August, 2005, from Oregon:

"I received the phongraph when I got home yesterday ... and I just wanted to say thanks ... The packing was very good, and machine was received in excellent condition."

August, 2005, from Kansas:

"Just received the 'Nipper' figurine - very nice job of packing !! It arrived intact, and I am very happy with its appearance. Nice piece, thank you ! I can't wait for my wife to see it . (its for her...) "

July, 2005, from a U.S. email comment:

"I wish I would have discovered your website before purchasing an Edison Home Phonograph on Ebay. I hope I didn't purchase a "lemmon." Do you do restorations?"

June, 2005, from San Francisco

"I couldn't be happier w/our Edison and Columbia purchases....both machines have a very special place in our home. We are very happy to have met you and throughly enjoyed looking at all your inventory. It has truly been a pleasureable experience dealing with someone as knowledgable and honest as you. We will visit your website often in search of our next purchase."

June 2005, from Colorado

I received the world's cutest little Columbia Graphophone and nobody could be happier! Its clean, plays nice and is a real showpiece. Everything is as represented and better than ebay. Thank you!

June, 2005, from Virginia

I just want to let you know that the music boxes arrived safe and sound. The packing job was the best I have seen, just super. They both are more beautiful than expected and sound wonderful as well. The cuff box sounds better than I thought a cuff box would. All the best!

June, 2005, from Michigan

The victor royal arrived today and is wonderful! I love the small size and oxidized fittings. I can't quite get the reproducer/horn/tone arm/clamp to fit together correctly---I know that you have to get that little bump in the back of the reproducer to go in the little hole in the tone arm. I can get about 1/2 of the little bump in the hole--won't go in any further than that. The whole fitting seems really loose, however maybe I need to play with it a little more. I will mess around with it tonight. It is a great little machine!"

May, 2005, from Texas

I received my phono's today. You did a great job in packing and everything arrived safe. I am happy with my choices and appreciate all your help. Thanks for the extra cylinders and poster. Great Job!!!

May, 2005 from New Mexico

"...I do not want to deal with E-bay for a quality machine anymore. For close to what I put into some of the E-bay deals, I would have a quality machine listed in your electronic catalog."

May, 2005 from Massachusetts

"Best packing job Iíve ever seen. Everything looks really great. I havenít played the brown cylinders yet but have enjoyed the two black wax ones (although one of the two starts skipping about 2/3 of the way through and I canít stop it from happening). The case is in terrific condition as is the bedplate; the horn is great too."

April, 2005 from Colorado

Thanks Don [sic], the machine arrived and is in great shape!!

April, 2005 from Michigan

Believe it or not, the phonograph arrived today! That was much faster than I thought it would be. The horn and crane are not here yet--I am sure they will be here in a few days. I LOVE the machine! The condition is so nice! I have NEVER seen a nicer original banner on an Edison Home (the few that I have seen). I am thoroughly impressed with the condition and packing.

April, 2005 from Pennsylvania

The discs came early today and later in the day the music box arrived. Everything was wrapped to perfection and well protected. I put a light coat of oil on the discs and the combs. The box is beautiful and plays well and sounds fantastic.

April, 2005 from New York

We both had a great time unpacking it and a couple of Corona toast to our new BABY !!! It is pristine and beautiful. Thanks so very much.

April 2005, from Minnesota

"Just wanted to let you know that the grafonola arived safely, and thank you.

March 2005, from New Jersey


February 2005, from Montana

"My Father-in-Law received the horn and crank yesterday. We listened to the player last night and it was a great experience! It made all my searching for the horn and crank wothwhile! Thank you so much for your help!

December 2004, from North Carolina

"It arrived today! I am delighted with it - beautiful condition... Many thanks! Come to see it if you're this way!

October 2004, from Virginia

"The music box has arrived and is awesome! What a great device and beautiful sound.

April 2004, from the United States

"The music box was delivered yesterday, unpacked today and it is in perfect shape. The packing job was outstanding. The box plays and looks, as you said, superbly. I could not be more pleased with it and the selections of the discs are much to my liking as well. Thanks for everything...it has been a real pleasure."

March 2004, from Great Britain

"...we were most impressed with the instruments and all your clear instructions. They had both arrived in perfect condition and played beautifully. My thanks to you for looking after me so well."

March 2004, from Virginia

"MY EDISON IS SILENT NO MORE! I got the parts today and played it for about an hour! ...Thank you so much for all of your help. I will be keeping in touch!"

March 2004, from Pennsylvania

"I wanted to let you know that the Edison "Home" outfit arrived today, all in good condition from its cross-country trip - thank you for taking care to pack everything so well. I set the machine up here at work and checked-it out, to the amazement and delight of my co-workers."

February 2004, from Texas

"Just wanted to let you know the Regina arrived Thursday evening. Everything seems fine with it....have played it several times this week. Song selection is great - thanks for the choices."

February 2004, from East Coast

"I LOVE the cabinet. It really makes the box stand out... Thanks for all your help; it was a pleasure doing business with you."

January 2004, from California

"First off, I love the edison. Man is it beautiful. Wow."

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